Karen Freeman from reviews Sgt Peffers.

For 25 years, Tim and Debbie Peffer have been serving up a host of creative dishes to the populous of the Big O.  Located at 1501 North Saddle Creek Road, their award winning menu items will suit anyone looking for a casual but plentiful meal.  Their menu now includes tons of gluten free items, which is clearly marked on the menu with a “GF”. 

We hopped in on a Monday night, and business was steady and quick.  There are a number of tables for dining in, but Sgt Peffer’s also offers take-out and limited area delivery service as well.   The staff is friendly and speedy, two qualities that are essential for any successful restaurant.

We started our meal with the combo pizza bread and a grilled chicken salad.  The bread was fresh and smothered with all the ingredients you love on a combination pizza.  It was a great complement to our salad.  Now, let me tell you about that salad!  We ordered a half portion, which was more than enough for two.  The chicken is grilled and sliced very thin, then mixed with marinated mushrooms, olives, and artichoke hearts.  All this is served over a heaping plate of lettuce and spinach leaves, and the diner has a decanter of delightful Dijon vinaigrette, to distribute to one’s liking.  It was a meal in itself, and now on our list of weekly must-haves.  Debbie said they go through 70 pounds of this creation every week, and now that we’re in the loop, it’ll be 71! 

There are oodles of entrée selections on the menu, so our taste buds were working overtime to make a decision.  We settled on a combination pizza and the Quattroformaggi over mostaccioli noodles.  Within minutes our plates arrived and the aroma was wonderful and the steam was rising from the dishes.

The combination pizza was generous in toppings of pepperoni, beef, mushrooms, olives and onions.  The crust was lightly seasoned and quite edible!  Not too crisp, not too chewy, just the right texture and the pie supported all garnishments well.  The pizza heats up nicely as a left over, too!  Pizza sizes range from the mini personal pizza to a very nice 14” large, with 8 very nice sized slices.  Ad d a gourmet salad to this, and you have a very gratifying meal.              

Quattroformagi is a funny name, but this selection is no laughing matter.  We had a heaping plate of pasta liberally covered in a very creamy blend of parmesan, romano, provolone and blue cheeses.  This is a marriage of velvety goodness.  All cheeses are a compliment to each other, and none of them overpower this dish.  With a smidge of black pepper to season, this selection was excellent.  For a more robust selection, you can try the baked chicken quattroformaggi casserole, which is the same essence, but with a lovely boneless, skinless chicken breast placed with love over the pasta.  Mmm…mmm…good.

For the lighter appetite, Sgt Peffer’s offers 15 different sandwiches, which can be served cold or toasted, and a soup of the day.  Be certain that you ask for a homemade sourdough roll, which is a bread lover’s dream.  Served hot and fresh, these are monster rolls that melt in your mouth.

You don’t want to miss this Saddle Creek gem, but if you are a west O resident, there is also a Sgt Peffers location at 13760 Millard Avenue.  It’s the same menu, with the same ideal experience.  Treat your family and friends soon!

Kris Taylor from Facebook

I've been luvn Sgt. Peffer's Cafe Italian for 17 years! Some of my favs? Hamburger chz pizza, esp w/too many pitchers across the street at Homies ;) Baked scampi, chicken artichoke salad, tortellini, ravioli.....the list goes on!